Hmong Horn Festival – Northwestern Spring Radiance 2018 in Fansipan Legend to attract thousands of visitors

On February 19, 2018 (Lunar January 4 of the Earth Dog’s year), Fansipan Sapa Cable Car Tourist Services Co., Ltd. in coordination with the Sapa Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and People’s Committee to held a Hmong Horn – Northwestering Spring Radiance Festival 2018, which allured thousands of visitors and the locals.

The festival allured thousands of visitors and the locals

Delivering the opening speech, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Chien – Temporary Director of Fansipan Cable Car Tourist Services Co., Ltd. banged the inaugural drum. He said: “This year the Hmong horn contest undergoes substantial changes in form, number of paritipating teams, festival space in harmony with native folk games”.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Chien – Temperary Director of Fansipan Cable Car Tourist Services Co., Ltd. bangs on the inaugural drum

The second Hmong Horn Festival 2018 is themed “Northwestern Spring Radiance”. This year the festival attracts 10 teams from communes of Sapa District and 3 guest teams from Ha Giang, Lai Chau and Yen Bai. These provinces have done wel in preserving and developing traditional horn dances. The festival comprises two parts: team solo horn choreography. A preliminary round and a final match are planned. The final round will end with a award ceremony on February 25 (or Lunar January 10).

Participating horn dance teams presented with bouquets from the Organizer Board

  Besides, this year the festival is also enriched with stunning martial performances and lion dance themed “Fansipan Prowess” performed by Hoang Lien Son Martial Team.

Martial performance combined with lion dance by Hoang Lien Son Martial Team

Organizing the Hmong Horn Festival not only attracts domestic and foreign visitors, but also enables the local communities to preserve the finest cultural essences of their ethnicities. It also acts as an opportunity to promote this lovely cultural quintessence to visitors and plays an active role in local socio-economic development.

Hmong horn dances and choreographic art featured in the Northwestern Hmong Horn Festival proved quite diverse and varying in themes, including natural landscape, ordinary productive life, spring radiance, affections, love and family…

Hmong Horn Festival allures domestic and foreign visitors

Behind the scene of the 2018 Hmong Horn Festival, Fansipan Cable Car Services Co., Ltd. also offers a variety of activities tas a new highlight to attract visitors, including the fresh flower exhibition.

Fresh flower exhibition of 31-branch Dendrophylium pots that symbolize the 3143m-tall Fansipan


In this joyous celebration of springtime in the Northwest, visitors also play up throttle with folk games such as Stilt walk, Greasy pillar climb, Single-wired bridge walk or Hide and Seek…

Wrapped in this splendid scenery of the golden sun, white clouds and azure sky, and radiant spring flower velvet down below, adorable horn dances in the Hmong Horn Festival never cease to mesmerize.

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