June is the peak heat month of the year. While the country is sweltering in the heat of 35 to 40 degrees, the highest reading hovers just around 6 and 18 degrees on the Fansipan. The breathtaking scenery and cool breezy climate make the peak the hottest must-visit this summer in the North.

It seems that the Fansipan is markedly endowed by nature. No matter what season travellers arrive, they are always treated to the most spectacular natural scenes ahead. From snowfall and heavy frost in winter to the right time this June, when travellers who set foot on the Rooftop of Indochina will find themselves lost in the European summer and enshrouded in the chilly and fresh cool breezes.

Just 4 commuting hours away from Hanoi, the two places can’t be more different when it comes to weather. Bidding farewell to the broiling urban sun, it is just a great pleasure to immerse yourselves in the tranquil place under the airy blue sky and absorb the fresh air of the Northwestern jungles.

Given the temperature at the peak hovering just around 6oC, visitors are supposed to blanket themselves in thick jackets and scarves right in summertime.

The most delightful experience for visitors to the Fansipan this summer is to climb aboard cable cars across Muong Hoa Valley, take an admiring look at the lush greenery of Hoang Lien Cordillera from up high and seal our conquest over the Rooftop of Indochina.

At the height of the season, it is so crystal blue, sometimes dotted with flaky clouds perching idly on high trees. Fansipan keeps us under the spellbound for its undeniably romantic and ethereal vibes.

At the peak, the religious compound of the Fansipan stands towering over the mist capped mountains. Stopping at Bao An Zen Monastery, Kim Son Bao Thang Pagoda, the Mountain God Shrine, Guanyin Buddha Statue and the tallest Grand Amitabha Statue of Vietnam or trailing the Alahat Path, it seems our mortal feet are carried towards the sanctuary place of enlightenment.

It is the very sensation that visitors who wish to turn back on the crowded and hectic urban life down in the capital wish to savor when they pack up to the Fansipan.

However, Fansipan has more than howling winds, grey grumbling mountains or enigmatic religious landmarks above the cloud. Fansipan is now an eternal summer flower garden, adorned with old roses, primroses, sunflowers, Aster daisies or hydrangeas… sending their blissful fragrances.

Right by the cable car departure terminal is a purple hill spanning 15,000 sqm. Walking in the mist of the infinite purple, walkers may well mistake the scene for the tantalizing purple lavender fields that symbolize far-off Provence in France.

It is in summer, but visitors are still wrapped in thin pullovers, savor grilled hamlet piglets, pipe rice or corn liquor… and get engaged in the highland vibes at the love marketplace with local youngsters as the dark falls hard, which is particularly unique to the Fansipan.

For visitors who wish to have the best delicacies of Sapa and the Northwest at their disposal, please pay a visit to Hai Cang Fansipan Restaurant. The whole world of Northwestern delicacies are on offer on colourful buffet showcases. From fried pipe rice to fried sticky rice, stir fried cabbage, pastries and fruits… All the local tastes of the highlands are well presented with high food hygiene, much more than meeting the eyes, for an affordable VND150,000/portion, enclosed with a Muong Hoa hiking train ticket free of charge.

Chilly Fansipan is welcoming with a wide array of amenities, facilities, recreations and rewarding experiences. Why have to grapple with how to escape the heat when you may head straight for Sun World Fansipan Legend?












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