Fansipan and the radiant wild mustard flowers in March

Visiting the Fansipan in early March, visitors are to be overwhelmed with the radiant gold of wild mustard flowers that cascade in a marvelous tapestry along the path to the complex.

Strolling through the wild and standing in the midst of boundless yellow wild mustards, mundane burdens seem to dissolve, leaving just love and nature to prosper in our heart and the nature of the Northwestern highlands.




Boundless wild mustard flowers coming into gold bloom


Sapa wild mustard flowers are at their peak in March. The species is easy to plant and resilient to the harsh climate of the misty cold, and thus ubiquitous in any corner of the highlands and on the way.

However, once the flowers bloom and mingle with the marvelous scenery of Fansipan Legend complex, they grow eerily mysterious by turning the complex into an idyllic realm that any visitors may wish to take some photos unconcsciously.

Fansipan wild mustard flowers beam across six sparkling and glittering staircases. Its tantalizing gold alone may strike quite a big impression on any mortals. The best moment comes when the gleaming sunshine casts its honeysweet streak of gold on wild mustard fields, radiating with pure wild that can get any mortals speechless.

Wild mustard flowers attract not only selfie youngsters but also enable couples to make their finest wedding albums in the perfect backdrop of the cascading gold.


Youngsters keen take check-in photos in the gold of wild mustard flowers

A couple pose for wedding photos amidst wild mustard flowers

The wild mustard season coincides with blossoming time of plum and apricot flowers and other flowers. Visitors here not only delight in adorable wild mustards but also join most vibrant festivals of Fansipan Legend.

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