Peach blossoms and black tulips to admire in Sapa

In springtime, Sapa and the Fansipan are even more mesmerizing for their heavenly and fairylike scenery that enlivens and enriches the experiences of all visitors.

In Sapa (Lao Cai), all along Nguyen Chi Thanh street leading to the cable car departure terminal to the Fansipan, hundreds of perennial peah blossom trees are coming into bloom. Just slowing down on the street and keeping your neck raised, visitors may find the soothing clouds of pink swirl over the azure northwestern sky.

It’s a commonplace of visitors and Buddhist followers this spring as they stroll in the shade of radiant peach blossom trees to the spring festival to marvel at the Buddha sarira and other places of worship on the Fansipan.

So many visitors come admiring this heavenly scene: in the midst of towering mountains and billowing white clouds, the landscape is sprinkled with pink petals… Perennial, faded, pure white, wild or Hong Quang, peach blossoms come into raging bloom.

Beside 100 peach blossom trees spanning around 7 to 20 years, over 500 others have been grown and cultured at the Sun World fansipan Legend with extra care along the entry road and 7-storey staircase, looming large in myriads of flower bush and creating a peach blossom tapestry to welcome visitors to the spring kingdom.

In addition to peach blossoms, Fansipan cable car departure terminal is also draped in numerous specious. Over 10,000sqm of snapdragons lining over the mustard yellow hill is a great check-in spot for visitors to Sapa.

The area also boasts velvety tulip swathes, including very rare black tulips.

The Hmong mustard yellow terraces enable most spectacular poses of yours.

The tantalizing mustard yellow field, some of which may rise over your head, is a new romantic rendezvous of couples. It’s indeed an ideal destination for your spring journey and start a great year anew.

















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