Designer Le Thanh Hoa chose Sun World Fansipan Legend as the place to launch the new collection

On October 26, Muong Hoa – Sun World Fansipan Legend mountain train station will become a fashion catwalk for the Fall and Winter show entitled “Another Day”.

After the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills, where director Long Kan’s fashion show “Walking in the Clouds” took place, Muong Hoa mountain-climbing train station will become a strange catwalk when designer Le Thanh Hoa chose as the venue for the Fall-Winter fashion show named “Another Day”.

Designed by the famous architect Bill Bensley, located on the Sun World Fansipan Legend – which has just been honored by the Asia-Oceania World Travel Awards as “The top attractive tourist destination in Vietnam”, Muong Hoa mountain climbing train station looks more like a work of art than a train station.

Muong Hoa station used to appear in the promotional photos for Louis Vuitton’s “Art of Travel” campaign.

 “Another Day” will take place on a catwalk that brings both the breath of the Northwest and the romance of Paris. That is enough to make the Autumn Fashion show by Le Thanh Hoa became “another day” with many fashion shows of the new season.

Especially on this occasion, Sun World Fansipan Legend offers a 50% discount on cable car tickets for Vietnamese tourists until November 15, 2019, opening up the opportunity to explore beautiful Fansipan cloud hunting season, what are you waiting for?!!!






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