On January 27 (the 3rd day of lunar January of the Year of the Rat), amidst the bustling and jubilant atmosphere of the New Year, the Pan-pipe Festival and the Spring Festival of Opening the Fansipan Heaven Gate will officially open at Sun World Fansipan Legend resort (Sapa, Lao Cai), opening the spring travel season, worshiping Buddha for peace in the early spring. The festival lasts until March 27, 2020

This is the fourth time the Pan-pipe Festival is held in the tourist area, and the third time the Spring Festival of Opening the Fansipan Heaven Gate is held – a meaningful spiritual cultural activity unprecedented in the area. In particular, this year’s festival is held on a larger scale, more splendid decorated spaces with countless traditional Northwest cultural activities and attractive spiritual activities.



Inspired by the colorful culture of highland people every spring, amidst a vast space filled with clouds, a peaceful place of meditation on the top of the sacred land of the homeland, the Pan-pipe Festival and the Spring Festival of Opening the Fansipan Heaven Gate to create a Northwest miniature right at Fansipan, for visitors to freely experience and enjoy the most quintessential things of the highland on the occasion of Tet holiday, for Buddhists to worship, to believe in their faith to wish for full of hope for the new year.

The festival greets visitors with a strong Northwest from the entrance with a stylized welcome gate from the shape of 6 pan-pipes, leading the way to a unique landscape inspired by the typical floral spreading skirt of the village girls. From here, walking on the brilliant Spring Road, visitors seem to be walking through the tinted time strip of the Northwest. The brocade piles of all colors, the red and green threads woven all spring into each fold of fabric. These are the tulips in the cold of Sapa. Red lanterns, red envelopes of lucky money softly vibrate in the mountain breeze, leading visitors to the bustling highland market of the Northwest life at the occasion of Tet in the spring.


The crowded market of buyers and sellers, the well-dressed girls, put their footsteps in the Bamboo dancing, the boys bend their backs, flexibly incline to follow the sound of the pan-pipes. From January 27 to February 2, the Pan-pipe dancing contest will also be held at the main stage of the festival, with the performance of the best artists from the communes and wards in Sa Pa and surrounding areas such as Ha Giang, Lai Chau, Yen Bai. Also, visitors can enjoy the traditionally lion dance performance and get drunk in the singing of the mountainous region. Sipping freshly cooked liquor, seeing the aromatic leaves of the forest, pounding day cakes together, making young rice cakes; the sweet sticky rice cakes just pass the tip of the tongue, we can feel the aroma of the Northwest cuisine market.


Elderly people see the spring of memories overflowing, when the sound of the bamboo dancing is bustling on the ground, or the soft strokes of the calligraphy are graciously given. Young people have discovered a completely new cultural sky with pig racing, blindfolding to catch pigs, going on stilts, going a rope… with endless laughters.

People like to travel in spring to enjoy the beautiful scenery, where everywhere covers brilliant colors of life. Thousands of tulips, grape-leaf daisy, thousands of begonia, raspberry chrysanthemum, salvia splendens, geraniums, rhododendron, panse, hollyhock, snapdragon… filled with peaches, blooming plums everywhere, gathering the spring of heaven and earth to the high region of Fansipan.



As a rule, thousands of Buddhists and tourists from all over the world will reunite to Bao An Zen Pagoda at the foot of the Hoang Lien Son and Bich Van Zen Pagoda, Kim Son Bao Thang Pagoda along the way to the 3,143m high peak, to recite the Buddha’s name to pray for happiness, receive the lucky red paper, write the wooden prayer card and start the Spring Festival of Opening the Fansipan Heaven Gate of the meaningful and sacred heaven among the majestic Fansipan architectural and cultural complex.

In the area next to Bao An Zen Pagoda, the spiritual shows, along with magnificent spiritual works such as the Great Buddha statue, Quan Am Bo Tat statue, the Arhat Road with 18 bronze Arhat statues, Bell Tower, Kim Son Bao Thang Pagoda… open for tourists and Buddhists to enjoy the journey to worship the Buddha. Way to the top of Fansipan is like a journey to the sacred Buddha realm, to feel a pure world on top of the sacred land of Vietnam to the new year, like the meditation place of peace and prosperity.

Fansipan Pan-pipe Festival and the Spring Festival of Opening the Fansipan Heaven Gate is an annual festival, held periodically in early January every year, with the desire to bring Tet experience rich in traditional culture of the Northwest region, creating a destination to travel in spring, to worship Buddha in the source of national spiritual energy. This is also a relentless effort of Sun World Fansipan Legend in preserving and honoring the beauty and values ​​of national culture, bringing increasingly rich tourism products and experiences for tourism of Lao Cai.







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