In order to intensify customer services at their best on upcoming April 30 and May 1 holidays, Sun World Fansipan Legend is constantly renovating the landscape and renewing art performances on-site, while adding 6 business hours for visitors.

On these holidays, from April 27 to May 1, the complex is open to the public from 6am to 8pm so that visitors are allowed to admire the sunrise and sunset atop the Fansipan (the last cable car drive from the Fansipan to Sapa is 8pm). Visitors should also pay attention to service-free hours from 6am to 8.30am and from 3pm.

During these days, the complex management doles out various tributary programs such as free Muong Hoa hiking train tickets for use of services at Hai Cang Restaurant from at least VND150,000 and a hyper-attractive buffet option for just VND200,000.

In particular, the biggest bonus from April 28 to 30 is that each guest who buys cable car ticket for adults for the operating hours from 3pm to 6.30pm is entitled to one coupon worth VND150,000 for use at Hai Cang Restaurant on the second floor of Hoang Lien Terminal of the complex, or a takeaway meal. It’s a small gift of the complex with an aim to intensify customer experience at Sun World Fansipan Legend for their upcoming April 30 holiday vacation.


“The City on the Clouds” is being adorned with radiant floral carpets. The path to the “Rooftop of Indochina” is growing idyllic with natural decoration of flowers. At the end of April and beginning of May, vast swathes of Hoang Lien forests in Sapa are drenched in the glowing red of threatened azaleas. To be lost in the boundless, heavenly azalea realm and enjoy the fresh air and the authentic, peaceful highland life in the North makes the vacation well enjoyable.

For vacations on the Fansipan on this occasion especially, you may be enthralled with the tantalizing violet swathe across the Fansipan departure cable car terminal. Straddling the mountains and the clouds, this 15,000sqm violet hill floats like a carefree purple lining that hints at the fairy life on nine clouds.

  This endemic flower species makes the complex a must-visit for visitors to Sapa, and also an ideal check-in place for youngsters.

  The species was imported from overseas and cultured and grown at Sun World Fansipan Legend since last autumn. Well into full bloom in summertime, white mustard, mustard yellow, snapdragons, azaleas or African lilies… jostle in a heavenly flower hill that more than meets the eyes.

Bordering the dark purple hill, a colorful snapdragon garden glints under the sun and leads to a highland marketplace where northwestern specialties are on sale by the natives themselves to curious visitors.

A basket of crunchy and soothingly sweet wild peaches, apricots and plums… seems that it still harbors the maidenly frost, next to sweet rice pipe and lumps of heavily smoked dried buffalo meat…

April and May are also the blooming time of perennial Sapa roses after a freezing winter. Over 800 rare, statuesque rose trees were collected, cultured and cherished at the complex along Muong Hoa hiking railway or in the aromatic rose garden at the highland marketplace, near a buckwheat flower garden.

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