Rare Western-style snowfall record on the Fansipan

This morning (January 17), the Fansipan was thickly clad in heavy snowfall like an eerie bridal veil on the maidenly face of mountains.

At the dawn, the Fansipan was already draped in snow of around 7mm thick. Flakes fell gracefully and thickened the veil around the floor of the conical milestone like a pure white bridal veil.

The frost was recorded at the paling of the sky on January 17, and lasted up until 9am. Temperature at 8am on January 17 was 2.5oC on the Fansipan.

According to the National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, owing to the wintry air on January 17, the North continues to be deeply plagued with severe frost and temperature hovers just around 10 to 13oC. The highlands may see temperature drop below 5oC. If freeze still prevails, it is highly likely that visitors can keep enjoying this rare dawning frost on the Fansipan.







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