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Funicular to the Fansipan

Architectural And Cultural Attractions | 04/10/2018
The route of this funicular is sinuous in arch shape and passes a tunnel near the Great Buddha Statue, which thus engenders some anxiety offset with excitement over...
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Tallest flagstaff of Indochina

Architectural And Cultural Attractions | 21/09/2018
A sacred symbol of our nation, the Flagstaff on the Fansipan rises 25m tall. It was meticulously and solidly constructed out of Thanh Hoa green marbles, four timber...
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Landmark of the century

Architectural And Cultural Attractions | 20/09/2018
Travelling to Sun World Fansipan Legend, visitors will be overwhelmed with the mountainous landscape of Sapa aboard the three-wire cable car system stretching...
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Muong Hoa furnicular

Architectural And Cultural Attractions | 11/09/2018
The most advanced Muong Hoa furnicular connects Sapa Town to the departure terminal of Fansipan cable cars. It was constructed by Sun Group, officially inaugurated...
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