On February 2, 2019, in the celebration of a new year that has prevailed across the Northwestern highlands, visitors and Buddhist followers from all walks of life solemnly marvelled at the sacred sarira honourably placed within the Amitabha Buddist Statue, the tallest copper Buddhist statue of Vietnam as part of the towering religious compound atop the Fansipan.

It was the Buddhist sarira presented by Burmese monks to the Foundational Titular Temple of Vinh Nghiem, which in their turn bestowed upon the Grand Amitabha Statue on the Fansipan to pray for supreme peace to reign over the country.

Sarira gems are hosted in a little bronze stupa, laid in a 7-storey enamel and crystal stupa that gleams radiantly in the solemn and grave ambience of the Grand Amitabha Statue at the height of 3,000m.

According to Buddhist doctrinations, Buddhist sarira is the treasure of Buddha and the religion, quite similar to the stature of an imperial seal and imperial swords in a dynastic era. As a result, this Buddhist treasure is strictly preserved with highest honor and regard.

Nested on the dragon vein of the country, atop the almighty Fansipan, this Buddhist sarira on the Fansipan adds aura and authentic divinity to the religious compound on the cordillera..

In the celebratory procession and presentation of the Buddhist sarira on the sacred Fansipan, following rites, Buddhist monks and followers enthusiastically and sentimentally admired and prayed for peace to their families and country in front of the witnessing Buddhist sarira

…and take a stroll around magnificent landmarks of the religious and cultural complex on the Fansipan, part of Sun World Fansipan Legend complex.

Spanning from the height of over 1,600m to the legendary peak of 3,143m, long coined the Rooftop of Indochina, the compound consists a host of religious constructions laid out in clusters, which all characterize the native architecture of ancient Vietnamese pagodas, leaning against the mountains and mingling in the clouds in a harmonious master plan on the northern borderline of Vietnam.

It is a much sought-after destination among visitors and Buddhist followers year after year, particularly in springtime because the divinity that oozes from the dragon vein, and festivals, religious rites and Northwestern cultural authenticity at a large scale, which are held in early Lunar January such as the Heavenly Gate Opening ceremony or the Hmong Horn Festival…

The cultural and religious compound at Sun World Fansipan Legend hosts a variety of outstanding Buddhist sites such as the Observatory, Bao An Zen Monastery, Bich Van Zen Monastery, Kim Son Bao Thang Pagoda, Alahat Path or the Guanyin Buddha Statue…

Most notably in this complex is the Amitabha Statue standing 21.5m high, which was cast of bronze with unheard casting technologies in Vietnam to involve small 5mm-thick copper pieces on an iron frame of nearly 1,000m3 in volume.

Within the Grand Amitabha Statue, the stupa hosting the Buddhist sarira is tiled with marbles imported from Europe. It should be the tallest and most special place for the Buddhist sarira in Vietnam.

To celebrate the new springtime, a pilgrimage to the sacred peak of the country and a stroll around towering religious constructions amidst thick clouds to sincerely marvel at the Buddhist sarira and bow down to Buddha is the most meaningful ritual on your New Year checklist.

From February 7 (or Lunar January 3 of the Year of the Earth Pig), Sun World Fansipan Legend hosts the Hmong Horn Festival and Heavenly Gate Opening Ceremony to welcome pilgrims to the sacred Fansipan for spring outings, ritual homage, admiration for the Buddhist sarira and prayers for peace of mind.

The festival is the largest up to date and involves a string of great festivities such as rice bun pounding, green baby rice making, horn dance contest, swine race, hide and seek or stilt walks… in the midst of the vital ambience of 50,000 tulips, 4,000 chrysanthemums, thousands of begonias, daisies, scarlet sages, etc. alongside peach blossoms and plum blossoms prevailing.

Buddhist pilgrims and visitors gather in Bao An Zen Monastery, Bich Van Zen Monasteryy or Kim Son Bao Thang Pagoda… to mutter Buddhist scripture and pray for peace, get presented with lucky red sheets and religious gifts, participate in a religious performance and start a brand new year with the solemn Heavenly Gate Opening Ceremony.

On this occasion, from February 7 to 19, Sun World Fansipan Legend offers discount on cable car fares to just VND200,000/ passenger who belongs to ethnic minorities in Lao Cai.
















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