Another “Best Christmas tree of Europe” now on display at Fansipan Winter Festival

A spectacular and sparkling winter festival with elaborate and meticulous preparations in the Northwestern highlands at the Sun World Fansipan Legend will lavish visitors with numerous rewarding experiences. In addition, the Fansipan cable car fare will also be discounted up to 50%.

Lost in the boundless whiteout and enjoying an ubiquitous European Christmas season in the frosty chills of the Fansipan, admiring the most spectacular Christmas trees ever crafted in the highlands and listening to violin tunes in the roaring breezes… are some rarest and mos captivating experiences at the Sun World Fansipan Legend in the form of a well-conceived winter festival as entitled “Fansipan – The Snow Blanketed Lane” that is properly invested and innovated to ve much more exciting and sensational than it was in previous years. The festival will officially be available from December 1, 2018 to January 20, 2019.

Another reason why visitors can’t help but fall in love with the Fansipan and refuse this opportunity to indulge themselves in the ubiquitous European season’s greetings atop the legendary Roof of Indochina is that between December 1 and 20, Sun World Fansipan Legend will offer a 50% discount program on cable car ticket fares for domestic visitors. Accordingly, the ticket fare for grown-ups will be down to VND350,000/ticket and that for children to ust VND250,000/ticket. To obtain these discounted tickets, visitors are only required to present your ID cards at ticket counters around the Departure Terminal.

A salient highlight of the 2018 Fansipan Winter Festival is the dazzling Christmas Square topped with a gigantic Christmas tree that spans up to 36 meters in diameters and is lit with thousands of LED lights and lovely little Santa Claus presents in all forms. Inpired by the highest Fansipan Peak of Indochina, the well-lit Christmas tree at the Sun World Fansipan Legend is definitely on the course to set a new record for the resort in this year-end festival. For enthusiastic admirers of Christmas, just a mere check-in selfie under the masterful Christmas tree is enough for their warm and glowing season’s greetings. At the entry to the departure cable car terminal is the longest “Winter Road” of Vietnam that stretches over 50m and can accommodate 500 visitors at the same time. Strolling along that white blanketed lane, visitors may well feel like being thrown in Europe, in the midst of roaring frost on the highlands, while raising their eyes and their hands to embrace thousands of frail snowflakes all over the place. Amusing golden antlered reindeers, the Santa Claus in his signature red attire or giant pendulous baubles of all sparkling colors… embody the mythical and inviting realm of Christmas.

Surprises and excitement clealy felt in the tranquil winter will even be more accentuated over the journey to the breezy Fansipan, swinging them between latitudes of marvels and admiration for the giant Christmas tree crafted out of 6,000 corns at the departure terminal to the milestone at the height of 3,143m as well as another pine tree crafted out of 1.2 tons of freshly harvested carrots like blazing fames on the bleak peak…

The crystalline tunes of the flutes in midair of the Roof of Indochina


“Snowfall heaven” Fansipan in this spectacular winter also glwos with the most incredible music show ever in the ever more recognizable European ambience at the heart of the Northwestern highlands as visitors are draped in the heavenly carols and Christmas tunes that swirl over the frosty air and thin veil of mist blanketing grey mountains. On a daily basis, between 9am and 11am and 1.30pm and 3pm, visitors in the Sun World Fansipan Legend Winter Festival will not be disappointed with those catchy, sometimes demure tunes performed by young artists of the Northwest right at the Clock Tower as the open stage of the festival.

Extending its welcoming arms, Fansipan in this vibrant winter festival also astonishes you all with fleeting moments aboard cable cars that tear down thick billowing clouds atop and earn visitors a view of mighty Hoang Lien Mountains in the ocean of clouds. For those who want to put their own mind at ease, a slow stroll along the Alahat Path under shady centennial azalea trees or an aimless wander around the sacred Zen realm of the Panoramic Observatory Pavillion, Bao An Zen Monastery, Kim Son Bao Thang Pagoda, etc. to make your sincere prayers at the foot of the tallest Grand Buddha Statue of Vietnam… and just feel like being let into the eternally benevolent Buddhist Nirvana.

At a Northwestern marketplace, somw ubiquitous and signature treats of the highlands such as grilled domesticated boars, deep fried sticky rice, offal hotpot or ethnic liquor…  in a serene thatched vendor or in cozy Hai Cang Restaurant, making them an integral part for those who want to actually embrace the Winter Festival atop the highlands.

MARKS OF WINTER music concert

  To really embrace the prickly chills of the highlands and bring ourselves closer together and enjoy the truly authentic European chills at the top of the legendary Roof of Indochina, an incredible, cozy and upbeat winter is awaiting you ahead at the height of 3,143m.












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