As monsoons start to touch the Northwest, the Fansipan is already clad in a spectacular glacier. On weekends, as temperature is forecast to be plummeting in this new phase of chills and frost, perhaps there will even be snow on the Fansipan.

Nosediving temperature these days, as low as -3oC at night, freezes natural fountains on the Fansipan and turns them into sparkling and eerie glaciers.

Softly “meandering” around natural rams on mountains and glinting under the sun as thaw appears.

In the day, temperature does rise, but still below 10oC on thepeak, thawing the glacier, but still retaining the thin ice that resembles lapses of ice and water that clad over rocks and plants in an inexplicably harmonious backdrop of nature.

According to forecast of the National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, from December 28, chilly climate will prevail and impact the whole of the North, down as far as the north and Central Center, particularly over the midlands and highlands. Temperature on high cordilleras such as the Fansipan may drop as low as 3oC, giving rise to possible frost.

For two weeks, visitors seem to have been deeply indulged in the mariculous nature on the Fansipan and flock to the Roof of Indochina in droves to admire towering religious sites here and fully treat themselves to sensations of the cloud oceans and exceptional glacial charm.

Also on this occasion, fortunate visitors can even admire the northwestern aura, which is a sacred religious phenomenon normally recorded atop the Fansipan.










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