Fansipan – a genuine heaven on earth in year-end time

  You may feel your feet so itchy at the sight of the mythically billowing “cloud fountain” streaming down the earth, and pack up to Sun World Fansipan Legend this weekend, because it is the best time to marvel at the everchanging nature on this sacred10 Northwestern peak.

As the dawn peeps out behind the raging clouds that blanket Hoang Lien Mountains, visitors will be overwhelmed with the whole Fansipan drenched in the glowing pink gleams of new vitality.

The thick sòt clouds prevail and wholly wrap the Fansipan, making the setting even more legendary like a true paradise.

Particularly, atop the peaks, clouds cascade into streams along down the side, like breathtaking and miraculous cloud waterfalls.Floating pure white clouds hover around the azure firmament, creating a rare scene of beauty.

The Giant Belfrie is echoed with dim bell sounds in the midst of the dreamlike and heavenly cloud ocean.

The weather is cold, dropping as low as to 1 degree at the dawn, but it is still so crystal clear and sunny like in Europe, so visitors may well delight in a stroll and marvel at towering religious landmarks on the sky.

Atop the peak, many visitors revel in a cup of heart warming cinnamon and apple tea and admire the exceptional charm of nature.

Fortunate visitors were even treated to the divine aura spotted atop the Fansipan at the dawn of December 18.

From the legendary Roof of Indochina, a great and holistic panorama of the cascading natural tapestry down below is now within reach.

At the end of a meaningful journey through the cloud fountain of Fansipan is a silent moment of admiring the dawn cladding its golden veil on the lapses of vast and raging clouds.

The time is without a doubt the best this year as the Fansipan is draped in the radiant sunshine and wrapped up in flowing streams of cloud waterfalls as the postcard-perfect setting of paradise, not to mention the magnificent and robust Winter Festival in Sapa.













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