Peculiar native cuisine honored in the Northwestern Food Festival 2018

On July 22, in the chilly breezes of the Fansipan, the 2018 Northwestern Food Festival that involves most famous local delicacies and elaborate cultural treats of the Northwest is hosted in Sun World Fansipan Legend complex.
Lasting up until August 12, it’s the second time the Northwestern Food Festival is held in Sun World Fansipan Legend with an aim to honor traditional cultural essences and set itself apart from usual pursuits and activiites in this summer of 2018. Comprising three robust zones and a wide range of treats, visitors are surely immersed in the authentic sphere of the border life. Entering the departure terminal of Fansipan cable cars, a food path lined with food courts of upland vendors invites visitors to a delightful and amazing culinary journey of the Northwest. Let’s try hundreds of delicacies and decoy your taste with authentic braised pork with herbs and condiments, Bac Ha offal hotpot or Sapa pork sausage… prepared by native “chefs” from the hinterlands of Sapa and Bac Ha District, then processed on the spot. This unique experience is definitely reserved for this festival only.