Hai Cang Hoang Lien Terminal Restaurant

– Description: As part of the departure terminal compound, Hai Cang Hoang Lien Terminal Restaurant offers various quintessential Northwestern delicacies such as the domesticated wild bboar, wild chicken, hung dried buffalo, sturgeons, grilled pipe rice served with salty sesame, etc. In addition, visitors can also experience Hong Kong foods right in the restaurant against the pleasant chills out there of Sapa.
Capable of accommodating nearly 1,200 guests on M Floor and the second floor of Hoang Lien departure terminal and characterized by modern architecture and luxury décor that rivals any wonders of the Northwestern wild, the restaurant will definitely lavish you all with most rewarding expriences of a genuine highland meal.
Opening hours: from 7.30am to 9pm everyday
The restaurant accepts tour groups and team visitors and offers event, meeting, outdoor party, dinner gala and à la carte services for individual guests for a competitive price.