Landmark of the century

Travelling to Sun World Fansipan Legend, visitors will be overwhelmed with the mountainous landscape of Sapa aboard the three-wire cable car system stretching 6,292.5m, smashing a world record as the three-wire cable car system with the world’s largest height difference between the departure and arrival terminal (1,410m). The system comprises 33 passenger cabins that can carry on average 2,000 passengers per hour. Each cabin is a little bus to transport 30 to 35 passengers.

Muong Hoa Hiking Train is also equally enjoyable and the most advanced in Vietnam. It departs from the center of Sapa Town to the terminal to get aboard cable cars, and comprises two trains to accommodate 200 guests per cabin.

The departure arrival is inspired by the fin-de-siècle colonial architecture, featuring thick walls, roof reaching window arches and exquisite palatial decorations all around. Meanwhile, the arrival terminal is an obvious touch of modernity that involves slender and neat branch-like bars that seem to lean out in welcome to nature. Looked from afar, the arrival terminal looks just like a giant leaf bending down to shelter a bird nest deep in the canyon.

Alongside the colossal cable car routes, Sun Group also invested in the tourist and resort complex in Muong Hoa Valley, including 4- and5-star hotels, an amusement park with cultural characteristics, a food court, shopping mall, golf course, etc. making it a possibly must-visit in on the northern borderline of our country.

Sun World Fansipan Legend is expected to continue an impressive list of cable car masterpieces by Sun Group, making it one of the wonders of the century. Mwanwhile, it realizes Sun Group’s desire: Vietnamese people are well capable physically, intellectually and mentally of genuine world-class construction.

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