Sun World Fansipan Legend Cable Car

The cable car system of Sun World Fansipan Legend which conquers the “Indochina Rooftop”, is the highest, longest and most modern system of its type in the world. Its transport capacity is an impressive 2,000 guests per hour and has been recognized by the Guinness World Records Organization with two records:

The longest non-stop three-rope cable car: 6292,5m
The greatest elevation difference by a non-stop three-roped cable car: 1410m



Ga Sapa – Ga Fansipan

Operating hours: 7:30 – 17:30 every day

Adults & children above 1m3
700,000 vnd / ticket
Children from 1m to 1m3
500,000 vnd / ticket
Children under 1m

Unique experience in the sky and clouds

Whilst experiencing Fansipan’s cable car system, guests will love the feeling of soaring through the clouds; leisurely enjoying the magnificent scenery and picturesque scenes of Muong Hoa Valley, Hoang Lien National Park alongside the striking peaks of the Hoang Lien Son Range.

Absolute safety of cable car technology

The cable car system of Sun World Fansipan Legend was designed by the famous cable architect, Doppelmayr (Austria – Germany – Switzerland) and manufactured and constructed with the strict requirements of Sun Group. Thanks to rigorous safety regulations, this system will guarantee to deliver guests down to the mountain foot with the utmost priority of safety and caution.

Environment impact mitigation

The triple-wire cable system is the most advanced suspended cable system and more than equipped for the weather conditions of the Sapa region.

6292.5 m

Độ dài hệ thống cáp treo ba dây
dài nhất thế giới

1410 m

Độ chênh giữa ga đi và ga đến
cao nhất thế giới